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  • Parking Policy
    At this car park, we strive to provide a convenient and hassle-free parking experience for all of our customers. To ensure clarity and ease of use, all information regarding payment options will be clearly displayed on signs throughout the car park. The parking rates will be displayed at the entrance of the car park, and will also be posted in prominent locations throughout the car park. These rates will include information on hourly rates and all information regarding blue badge holders. Payment methods will also be displayed on signs in the car park. The car park is payable using either phone or website methods listed on signage throughout the car park. Instructions on how to use both methods will also be provided on these signs. In addition to these signs, we encourage all customers to familiarize themselves with our parking policy by visiting our website prior to arriving at the car park. Our website will provide information on spaces, payment methods, and any other policies or regulations that may affect your parking experience. We appreciate your cooperation in following our parking policy and hope that our efforts to provide clear and accessible information will make your visit to the car park a pleasant one. Please also be aware that although we make use of the car park, Canterbury Leisure do not own nor operate it in away, all parking is enforced by Parkingeye. Please find examples of signage available throughout the car park below:
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